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Funeral Service for the late Douglas Sang-Hue OD         


Please be advised that the funeral service for the late Douglas Sang-Hue OD will be held at the PORT ROYAL METHODIST CHURCH on Saturday September 13, 2014 starting at 2:00 pm. Interment will take place thereafter.




Vivian Johnson





Gentlemen, It is indeed a sad day for the Jamaica Cricket Umpires' Association (JCUA) and West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association (WICUA) family. The passing of Douglas Sang-Hue OD, former Test and International Umpire has left a huge void in our umpiring fraternity On Friday, August 22, 2014. Mr. Sang-Hue epitomized the true standard of excellence that every umpire would like to aspire for. He had been a true ambassador for Jamaica and the entire West Indies, representing us locally, regionally and internationally with distinction. We will surely miss him. 


 On behalf of the West Indies Cricket Umpires' Association which he served with grace, humility and distinction, I would like to extend condolence to his family. May his soul rest in peace. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.




Vivian Johnson

Secretary WICUA                                        




The passing of one of our most colorful and legendary umpire Mr. Douglas Sanghue has cast a massive shadow of gloom. He was a man of consummate ease, who displayed at all times professionalism, knowledge and authority when dispensing Justice. He was like an authority in his time on matters of umpiring; you could safely refer to him as the "Bible" 


Unassuming though he appears he had gained the respect of all those with whom he had come in contact. In the JCUA he was revered.


He was an Icon, no doubt about that.


WICUA will be poorer simply put. Dougie is gone, but his memory and the legacy he has left will certainly live on.


To his family and friends I extend condolence.

May His Soul Rest In Peace  



Cecil Fletcher




Dear Vivian,


Sad to hear about the passing of Douggie - as he was known to most of us.  Please convey sincere condolences to his family and the umpiring fraternity of Jamaica. He will long be remembered as one who never allowed his accomplishments to scupper or overshadow his humility.  Though small in stature, he was undoubtedly an Umpiring colossus.  


Pat & Cheryl Whyte



Dear Vivian,
It is with deepest and sincerest sympathy that the Executive & Members of the Trinidad & Tobago Cricket Umpires & Scorers Council extends to the family, friends and the Jamaica Cricket Umpires Association our condolences on the passing of the late Mr. Douglas San-Hue, an icon in the umpiring fraternity and the international audience. While some of us would have rubbed shoulders with Mr. San-Hue, others would only have heard of his exploits on the cricket field. May his legacy live on.

Rest in peace my umpiring brother!
John Lewis,
General Secretary 


Dear Vivian


Please extend my deepest sympathies to the family of our dear brother Douglas.  I first met him in St Kitts and he has always been a pillar of strength to me when ever we spoke.  To the JCUA, you have lost a "Good man" and a faithful servant.  May he rest in peace..


Patrick G

BCUA & Area 4 VP.



Canada joins the rest of the cricket world in mourning the loss of a great soul.
Douglas Sang Hue was an umpire par -excellence.
Doug or Doggie as he was more affectionately referred to by those who knew and interacted
with him was a man of humble stature. He never sought flamboyancy and fame.
He was very passionate about cricket umpiring. He knew the Laws of Cricket inside out.
He will be remembered for his many forthright decisions. Had Test matched been played then with the regularity they in these times, he would certainly have stood in a century and more matches.
Doggie we all of the Caribbean and Americas will miss you greatly.
May your soul rest in peace




Hello Colleagues, Please be advised of the following important dates: WICUA WRITTEN EXAM WILL BE HELD ON AUGUST 24, 2014. Kindly submit the list of names for all candidates to the Chairman of Examinations and Secretary of WICUA by July 31, 2014. WICUA BIENNIAL CONVENTION TO BE HELD IN NEW YORK CITY JULY 20 - 27, 2015. Please advise all umpires in your respective Territories. Thanks and have an enjoyable summer. Regards, Vivian Johnson Secretary WICUA _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Season greetings to one and all.

By President Cecil Fletcher


Colleagues All


 Our 26th Convention has come and gone. From reports it is justifiable to say it was a success.  All that we had achieved was the consequence of the hard work put in by our constituents.


Our continued success will depend on how we proceed hereafter and I challenge us to do the best we can and to support whatever initiatives we put in place to enhance our image and existence.


It is an understatement to say that we need money to boltster the finances of the association as it is a given that it is so. Your help will be needed to ensure that whatever is to be channeled to the coffers of WICU be done as in doing just that we will grow financially.


2013-2015 should be an interesting period as the mandate of the convention is geared towards positive undertakings.


I beg of you to respond to emails promptly at all times particularly when asked for an input in given situations.


I beg of you to get your constituents to understand the role of WICUA and to submit to its dictates.


I beg of you to carry out the functions that the office you hold requires of you with professionalism, commitment and dedication.


The secretariat under the guidance of Vivian Johnson did a fantastic job and has been doing so ever since he took up the mantle of service. With his assistant and treasurer Norman Malcolm they both are key players in the overall scheme of things.


I welcome to the fold with sincerity Goland Greaves and our promoted colleague Billy Doctrove.


We have a great team and I look forward to great things for WICUA


Best wishes to all and may the good Lord Bless and Keep us.




Cecil Fletcher






As a people we are indeed living in a changing world. Some persons are afraid of changes and for diverse reasons. From the outset changes are affected for better and not for worse, however sometimes the dreams and the aspirations are not achieved, this brings to fore such words as failure, disappointment and grief.  Conversely more often than not you hear of joy, success, progress and just reward.

As umpires there has been significant changes in the umpiring landscape, the numbers required for some category of matches have been severely tailored to the point that some umpires felt not motivated, whilst some have experienced financial and status driven reward and are extremely happy.

The truth has always been that changes are intended for good. Umpires need to look at the bright side and remain focused. At all stages not every umpire would have made it to the Elite or ICC Panel or the WICB Regional Panel. This should not in any way be a hindrance, instead an umpire should work hard to reach the top with determination.

Cricket umpiring should not be seen as offering a service for free, it is a business and it has pay days.  This therefore should provide the drive, the impetus thus acting as a stimulus for one’s motivation. Notwithstanding however WICUA has a duty to be, if not ahead of the game, at least should be close to it. WICUA ought to provide the leadership necessary to keep hopes and aspirations alive.  There are ways that WICUA can forge, which may assist in enhancing the quality of umpiring life.  One such way is to organize and work with territories in trying to establish an Umpires Exchange Programme within WICUA.  This is actively under consideration for the future.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.



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